Why You Should Get Tanzanite Gemstone

Why You Should Get Tanzanite Gemstone

Why You Should Get Tanzanite Gemstone


When we look at the rarest gemstones in the world, tanzanite gemstone is one of the rarest ones. It came into the spotlight in the 1960s due to its rarity, characteristics, and unique color. It was found in a mine near Mt Kilimanjaro, in the country of Tanzania. This stone is considered to be a thousand times rarer than a diamond. It's expected to be gone entirely from the mine in the next few decades, which further adds to its rarity. It's best to get your hands on it as soon as possible due to reasons we'll talk about today.


#1 It Is Unique:


Tanzanite is very unique as it is found only in one location around the world, so it has gained the title of rare stone. Various geologists have found out that a metamorphic event took place 500 million years ago, which provided specific conditions under which Tanzanite was formed. Several chemicals, including Vanadium, combined under heat and pressure, which led to the formation of this beautiful stone. You won't be able to find it at any other location which proves how unique it is.


#2 Rising Demand in The Market:


New markets are being established, which are further increasing the demand for Tanzanite, especially in India and China. Over time as these markets would further develop, the demand for tanzanite would rise. As these cultures already have a love for precious stones, sales are likely to increase a lot. Furthermore, both these cultures have a love for colored stones. Tanzanite has a rare, pure violet-blue color that has some metaphysical qualities as well. 


#3 Metaphysical Qualities:

Tanzanite is also known for the positive and healing energy it carries. It helps vanish disease and old karma patterns. It helps you move forward with optimism and inspiration while giving you a sense of the right direction. Tanzanite activates the heart, throat, crown chakras, and third eye energies. These factors make it a selling point in cultures where these properties are considered an attraction or if you're into these properties, you should consider investing in this stone.


#4 Economically Smart Choice:


Considering the economic theory, both demand and supply sides are in favor of Tanzanite. The market growth for this stone is organic and orchestrated. The supply of tanzanite has increasingly become limited as there is only one source of it while the demand is enormous. 


#5 Meditation:

Tanzanite stone has a high vibrational energy which helps you with deep meditation and ease in entering states of consciousness. It opens channels leading to spirit guides and helps in connecting easily.



Surely these amazing benefits of Tanzanite gemstone would make you want to get yourself this beautiful and scarce stone for yourself or someone as a heartfelt gift. With so many benefits of this stone, we're sure you would not want to miss out on all the merits and amazing qualities that this gemstone consists of.




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