How To Choose A Jewelry Gift For Her

How To Choose A Jewelry Gift For Her

Looking for a gift for someone you love can be hard, and looking for the perfect gift can be harder. It’s not as if you can hand them a t-shirt and be done with it. No, with the people you love, gifts need to hold meaning. And if you’re looking for a gift for the special lady in your life, there’s a few options you just can’t go wrong with, and jewelry items are one of them.

Choosing jewelry for her may seem like an easy task at first, but once you consider the technicalities that come along with it. However, fear not. There are a few foolproof ways that will help you on your way to choosing the perfect jewelry gift for her. Read on to find out.

#1 Go Over Her Current Collection:

If you’re going to be choosing a gift that your lady love likes, it needs to be based on her preferences. Perhaps she prefers silver over gold or birthstones over rubies. Maybe she has a vast collection of rings. Or maybe she likes statement necklaces to pair with her outfits. Go over her current collection of jewelry and try to make sense of what you’re seeing. Once you find a pattern, keep it in mind when you choose something for her.

#2 Observe Her Daily Life:

People have daily obligations, and often those obligations require dress codes. Yes, we’re talking about jobs and the ilk. It’s not as if you can choose a sparkling brooch for her to wear in her daily life if her office requires her to wear suits. Does she have a job or is she a homebody? If she’s a housewife, then something sturdy will be the way to go, such as a band ring. If she has ear piercings, then elegant earrings are a foolproof plan. Her daily life will carry many hints to help you along with your course. That is if you look where it counts.

#3 Look Through Her Closet:

If you want to choose a gift that she truly loves and puts to good use, you need to look through her closet. You need to find jewelry that matches what she wears in her daily life. Again, if she wears formal suits, then chances are she’ll put a nice ring or dainty earrings to good use since they won’t mess up her look. If she’s used to wearing sundresses, then a nice headband or hairpin will meld with her vibe. Her closet is the cradle of her whole aesthetic, and you will find everything you need to know about her look in there. Just try not to look too creepy when you rummage through her clothes for no apparent reason.


Other than these key steps, what you can do is keep your ears open and eyes peeled for what she mentions when talking about jewelry. Maybe she pointed out something in a magazine or stopped in front of a jewelry shop. Remember to take the cues!





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