How real is 14k gold?

How real is 14k gold?

How real is 14k gold?

Are you planning to give your spouse a gold ring? Wondering which gold type to buy, ranging from 10k, 14k, 18k, and 24k. Each type of gold ring with different gold levels offers a set of advantages and disadvantages in terms of hardness, durability, and effects over the skin.

14k gold is a slightly pure type of gold with high durability.

24k gold is known as the purest form of gold, while 14k gold is the one that is mixed with other metals. 14k gold is the commonest type of gold used in the US. However, 24k gold is the best one to get more cash from a selling point of view. Have a look at how 14k gold is real:

The purity level of 14k gold:

14k gold contains 14 parts of gold out of 24. It has a purity level of 58.3% with a millesimal fineness of 583/585. 14k gold is a perfect mix of durability, purity, and excellent value for money. It is relatively affordable but slightly more expensive than the 10k gold.

Composition of 14k gold:

If you talk about 14k, gold is real. It comprises 58.3% gold with 41.7% alloys. It is the most popular type of gold used in the US, UK, and Western countries.

90% gold jewelry:

More than 90% of the wedding and engagement rings are made using this gold. It seems like a perfect choice if you are not sure about the type of gold to purchase.

Rich appearance:

14k gold comes with a rich color. It has a classical, golden appearance which most customers seek when buying any jewelry item. The color is less saturated and more intense compared to 18k gold. It serves as an excellent choice if you desire rich, attractive gold jewelry that is not intensely yellow. 


Other advantages of 14k gold in terms of being real are that it is affordable, durable. Rings, bracelets, chains, and other jewelry items made from 14k gold are highly durable than 18k gold. This gold type serves as the right choice for buyers who are concerned about scratches or scuffs.


14k gold is available in three colors yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. Yellow gold is made from gold and inclusion of copper and zinc. White gold comprises white metals and gold, including nickel, palladium, and silver with a rhodium coating. On the other hand, Rose gold includes rose, red, pink shades in gold with copper to achieve the rose gold color.


If you have skin issues, then the 14k gold won't work for you to trigger potential skin irritation. The high alloy content within the 14k gold indicates that this gold is not pure; instead is a mixture of different alloys. This is why 14k gold can cause skin reactions like itching, uncomfortable skin, rashes, and much more. It's because the 14k gold consists of nickel, zinc, silver, copper, and iron.

Lastly, 14k gold is real! Most of the gold jewelry pieces available in the market are made from 14k gold rather than 24k gold, 100% pure. 24k gold is very soft and can be easily scratched, bent, or wrapped, so jewelry makers use 14k gold. Shop your 14k jewelry now from for yourself or your partners! Happy gold shopping!





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