Stud Gemstone Earrings For Minimal Looks

Stud Gemstone Earrings For Minimal Looks

Stud Gemstone Earrings For Minimal Looks


When it comes to jewelry, staying minimal is the best way to go, especially if you like to keep it simple and want something easy to style. To go for a minimally classy look, stud gemstone earrings would be the best choice. There are various stud gemstones available with which you can be chic and stylish. They're available in different designs and shapes that you can easily play around with. Let's look at a few gemstone stud earring options. 


#1 Stud Diamond Earrings:


People consider diamond stud earrings a must-have, and that's true. They're incredibly versatile as they can easily be worn on an everyday basis but can also make a statement on a special occasion. Styling options for diamond studs are limitless, and they're best if you want to go for a minimal yet classy look. Oversized diamond accessories are everywhere, but nothing beats simple studs. You can go for some over the top accessories or outfit and pair them with simple diamond studs to balance out the whole look. You can go for a solitaire diamond stud to complement the look. 


However, trends favoring unique diamond shapes have been seen lately. Round diamond studs add a more traditional look as they have been popular for years. Recently, they've been trending more than ever and add a modern look as well. Another diamond shape that has been trending lately is the oval shape. They're considered to be more on the fancier side. Some other fancy forms for diamond studs are pear-shaped and cushion cut.


#2 Sapphire Stud Earrings: 


Sapphire stud earrings are available in various sizes and shapes such as round, oval, and star. The round shape is considered to be the most traditional one and is on the more expensive side. However, the oval shape is more popular as they look a bit larger. If you want to go for a modern and more contemporary look, go for a square or rectangular shape. In such shapes, the color of sapphire stone appears to be more profound due to a large surface area.


#3 Aquamarine Stud Earrings:


Nothing speaks class and minimalism like a sparkling aquamarine gemstone stud. It's very true to its name as it does shine bright like the clear blue sea. It has its charm and an icy feel to it that appeals to one and makes the perfect accessory. If you're wearing a plain collared shirt only with light washed jeans, pair the outfit with a silver chain and some aquamarine stud earrings. The perfect minimalist outfit!


#4 Emerald Stud Earrings:


If you like how calm and vibrant the green color is, then you should go for emerald stud earrings. Bezel and prong-set are the most famous emerald stud earrings. They come in various shapes, mostly round. The beautiful and calming hues of greens in it are perfect for a minimalist look especially if you wear them at night time.



Now that you know all about styling stud gemstone earrings you can look for the perfect ones that suit you and your style. With these tips and information, you can get the ideal minimalist appearance and look trendy plus fashionable.





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